Can you paint uPVC Doors and Windows is a question many people have asked.

With the cost of living seemingly only rising, and home ownership being the number one problem for younger buyers, looking after your property is perhaps the most important part of owning it. This is why so many homeowners prefer to update or extend their properties, rather than move into a new one. The home improvement industry is huge, and there is seemingly more and more incentive to making the best of what you already own.

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One way in which people can update their homes is by painting them. A fresh coat of paint can often give a property a lift. Painting isn’t limited to the inside either, and many homeowners take to the outside of the building too. Painting a property can simply help to update it.

However, what some homeowners don’t realise is that uPVC can also be painted. This material was incredibly popular in the 1980s, and rightly so. It is very durable, and can look very smart when new and at its best. Over time though, uPVC doors and windows can fade a little, and suffer in adverse weather conditions.

Painting uPVC Doors

This is always best left to a professional team, because it has to be very carefully handled. But it is very much a thing that can be done in a day, depending on the size of the job. Firstly, the surface area of uPVC is cleaned using a upvc cleaning solution. Any bits and marks are removed. Then the upvc window frames are very lightly sanded. Following this the team uses a professional air spraying machine to coat the uPVC doors in the new color. Usually 2 to 3 coats of UPVC paint are applied. The end result is an amazing transformation. Your door looks brand new, nice and clean and more inviting.

The whole process is quick and simple, and as long as the right paint and tools are used (hence the professional approach), you should see an amazing result that will transform your property.

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