uPVC Window Spraying

uPVC Window Spraying Advice

painting upvc windows

Painting uPVC Windows is a great way to make your home look its best and everyone likes their home to look it’s best. That explains the huge DIY industry. Sometimes, however, we can face jobs around the home that can seem better suited to the professionals and their skills. Painting uPVC windows were introduced as …

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uPVC Painting

Recolouring uPVC Windows

Recolouring uPVC Windows is now possible and we all know that windows are a key feature of a home, and unless they look smart and clean, they could dramatically affect the presentation of the home. When uPVC windows first hit our streets, they were viewed as being a perfect way to brighten up a building’s …

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upvc primer painting

Painting uPVC Have you ever thought about? There’s nothing wrong with uPVC as a material. In fact, back in the 1980s, it was seen as the very best material for windows and doors available. It seemed like everyone had it installed and it was there forever. Obviously, no material can be there forever, and as …

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Can You Paint Upvc Windows

Can You Paint uPVC Doors And Windows?

Can you paint uPVC Doors and Windows? With the cost of living seemingly only rising, and home ownership being the number one problem for younger buyers, looking after your property is perhaps the most important part of owning it. This is why so many homeowners prefer to update or extend their properties, rather than move …

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uPVC Renovations

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