painting upvc windows

Painting Upvc Windows

Painting uPVC Windows is a great way to make your home look its best and everyone likes their home to look it’s best. That explains the huge DIY industry. Sometimes, however, we can face jobs around the home that can seem better suited to the professionals and their skills.

Painting uPVC windows were introduced as a perfect way to make your home look better. They were bright and gleaming, a perfect complement to a new home, for example. Then time took its toll, and people started to notice that uPVC windows can lose a little of their shine.

Bear in mind that when uPVC was first introduced, it was marketed as a material that would never need repairing. It was sold as a material that was built to last for a very long time. And uPVC is actually incredibly durable. But while it’s tough, it’s not invulnerable, and uPVC windows today tend to look faded and grey.

This is a real issue, and many homeowners have redone their windows by simply buying new windows to replace the old ones. This is costly, and while it may get you the results you want, it isn’t an ideal solution.

There is another way to deal with uPVC windows that have lost their luster. It is possible to simply to paint upvc windows. While it is not an easy job, it’s well within the capabilities of the average homeowner. But if you’re in a position where you think you can’t possibly manage such delicate work, it’s easy to find professionals uPVC paint sprayers who can do it for you.

Painting uPVC Windows

The first thing you need to do when painting uPVC windows is to clean the area itself. The window frames need to be wiped down with hot soapy water, and a clean sponge. This should sort out most uPVC windows, and it shouldn’t take long to do. There are specialist cleaning solutions you can buy, and these will make more sense if you have windows that are affected by algae and other substances that are more complex than simple dust and dirt. Take your time over this part of the job and make sure that you clean as fully and as carefully as possible. Painting uPVC windows is a big job, and it will become even more troublesome and arduous if you don’t have a clean surface to work with.

Once you have left it to dry for half an hour or so, you should see a definite improvement, or at the very least a cleaner window. It’s vital to do the very best job you can at this stage, because any dirt would make it a lot harder for paint to adhere to the surface.

Then, to make things a little easier when trying to get that perfect finish, ensure that you sand the surface very lightly with high quality fine sandpaper. This will make it a little easier for the uPVC paint to take hold and for you to get that perfect finish that you want.

uPVC Paint

Any high quality DIY stockist will be able to provide you with the right uPVC Paint.
The first thing you will notice as soon as you head out to buy the paint is the sheer number of colours you can purchase. There are many, many different colours, which should make it easier for you to visualise the finish you want. With uPVC windows, you have an extensive selection of colours, all of which will allow you to add your own touch to the exterior of the building.

When preparing to paint, it’s important that you make the area safe as regards splashing and so on. Tape up the window so you have secured it from paint splashes, and make sure you pay particular attention to the glass, which is where you definitely don’t want to have any splashed paint.

Then, using a special spray can or gun, you can apply the paint. Most professionals recommend a few hours to allow the paint to dry. This is good advice, and when the uPVC Paint is dry you will be able to see how good the finish is. Most professionals would also recommend that you put on at least two coats of paint.

Of course, you could hire professional uPVC Paint Sprayers to do the job. This will be cost-effective,and will allow you to have peace of mind. Knowing that experienced professionals are completing the work makes all the difference.

Whether you do it yourself or you pay a professional to do it for you, painting uPVC windows is a great way to spruce up your property, as well as remove the need for costly replacement windows.

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