uPVC painting services in Southport

We are pleased to inform you that we are now able to provide uPVC painting services in the Southport area.

When it comes to uPVC windows and doors, they eventually lose their good looks due to wear and tear. However, rather than replace them, you can have them professionally resprayed, which makes them look and feel brand new. Ask us for more information.

If your based in Southport and you are looking into  having your uPVC Painted or Resprayed then our uPVC painting team are at your beck and call for your uPVC Painting needs.

Our uPVC Painting Service tends to be finished less than a day base on a 3 bedroom home.

uPVC Painting services we do in the Southport Area:

uPVC Door Painting
uPVC Window Painting
uPVC Shop and Storefront Painting
uPVC Garage Door Painting
uPVC Conservatory Painting uPVC Commercial Painting

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Visit Southport for seaside fun

Southport is a large and bustling seaside town. It’s also a very popular place for much of the year too. With so much going on, you’ll need to know where to go and what to do. Don’t worry. We got it covered.

Southport Pleasureland is most definitely a ‘must visit’ in the town. It has a fantastic reputation for high-quality amusement park fun. There are hundreds of attractions and rides, both for thrillseekers and the younger members of your family. There is something here for everyone to do. The very best thing about the Pleasureland is that it offers both good old fashioned amusements fun. As well as vital new attractions that are at the cutting edge of amusement park innovation. Once you’re in the park you’ll find it hard to stop moving, there is so much to see. Quite rightly, it is seen as the key attraction in Southport. Definitely worth a visit.

For something a little quirky, check out The British Lawnmower Museum. Here, you will be taken on a tour through lawnmower history. There are also lawnmowers that have been owned by the rich and famous. While this may sound a little weird on paper, once inside it becomes quite involving. You can see lawnmowers used by royalty, as well as famous people from our culture. For example, you can witness Brian May’s lawnmower. On a serious note, it is an award-winning museum, and definitely not one you will find anywhere else. Spend a couple of hours here, it’s unique, and certainly something you will be talking about for years to come.

Finish your trip off with a visit to the famous Southport Pier. This is the oldest iron pier in the country. It is also Grade II listed. Soak up the history of the landmark, and then prepare to be blown away by some quite stunning views. It is truly a great way to spend some time while in Southport, and it also includes plenty of its own attractions too. Grab some fish and chips and walk to the very end of the pier for a perfect British experience.

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