uPVC Painting Services in Widnes

We are now  offering our uPVC painting/Coating Services in and around the Widnes area.

It is a little-known fact that you don’t have to replace old uPVC windows and doors. Simply respray them, and you’ll have great looking units for much less of a cost than replacement. Contact us to find out more.

If your considering having your uPVC treated or painted get in touch with our Widnes uPVC Painting Experts.

uPVC Painting services we offer in the Widnes Area:

uPVC Garage Door Painting
uPVC Window Painting
uPVC Door Painting
uPVC Shop and Storefront Painting
uPVC Commercial Painting
uPVC Conservatory Painting

Things to see in Widnes

Widnes has a ton of great things to do, and you can’t possibly explore all it has to offer in one day. We thought we would take a look at the town to give you a few pointers on which attractions to visit first.

No visit to Widnes would be complete without a trip to Victoria Park. This incredibly popular area has plenty of fun things to see and do for all the family. It has wonderful nature trail opportunities, and these really come into their own when the weather is fine. But it also offers a host of other activities, such as a skate park that is well maintained and a magnet for young people who like skateboarding, roller skating as well as biking.

An excellent cafe selection, as well as the wonderful shops on offer, make Widnes somewhere you will enjoy being, and enjoy making memories in.

The Widnes Rugby League Museum is a fascinating glimpse into the sport, as well as the part Widnes has had to play in the game. There is a lot to see here, so much that it is advised that you visit it on a non-match day. Even if you’re not a committed rugby fan, you’ll still be blown away by the variety of things on offer here.

Catalyst is a science museum, and it is well worth the visit. Here you will find plenty of interactive exhibits and shows, as well as a chance to try real science hands-on. The key aspect of your visit (apart from the science) is the wonderful ride you can have in the external glass lift. Once you have finished that journey, get ready for another major draw, the observatory gallery. With tons to do and plenty of friendly and helpful staff around, the hours will fly by.

The Catalyst can be found in the Spike Island Nature Reserve. Here there are play areas and plenty of good walks to be had. Perhaps more significant is the wide range of wildlife and habitats on offer. Kids will love it, and you’ll love the chance to get some great fresh air. It’s a beautifully maintained wild area for study and enjoyment.

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