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You can save up to 75% by Spray Painting. Please fill in your details and one of our friendly representatives will call you soon.

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You can save up to 75% by Spray Painting. Please fill in your details and one of our friendly representatives will call you soon.

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You can save up to 75% by Spray Painting. Please fill in your details and one of our friendly representatives will call you soon.

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Looking for uPVC painting company? We specialise in restoring tired, dulled and marked uPVC windows and doors.

When uPVC is new, it gleams and looks fantastic. Over time, the uPVC coating starts to peel, and most people will think they need to replace them even though the structure is still strong but it’s costly to replace.

Instead, people are looking to uPVC restoration which is up to 75% cheaper and gives the same results in terms of appearance. They can look brand new!

Give your uPVC windows and doors a new lease of life with our uPVC window and door painting services.

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uPVC Paint Spraying instead of Replacing

UPVC windows and doors are strong when fitted but it’s their appearance that suffers and will age through peeling over time due to weather conditions and the sun’s UV rays. 

All that’s needed to resolve this is maintenance through uPVC paint spraying or a uPVC respray that our uPVC painting company offers which won’t take up much of your time as our team of uPVC paint sprayers takes less than a day to respray a 3 bedroom house.

Painting uPVC or spraying uPVC is not a quick fix solution, the results can last a long time which we guarantee up to 10 years and gives your home a fresh new look. We have a wide range of colours to choose from so it also means that you can change your home décor.

Our uPVC window and painting services at UPVC Renovations is not just for homeowners, we also paint spray shop and store fronts, commercial uPVC cladding and commercial properties.

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Spraying Paint uPVC Doors and Windows

Painting uPVC windows and doors is becoming a new trend because it refreshes the look of your home without costing you hundreds or thousands of pounds which is the cost of replacing. 

More homeowners and business owners are choosing to spray paint uPVC front doors, window frames, garage doors and conservatories instead of replacing them especially when the structure is still strong.

Our uPVC painting company does more than just uPVC restoration and window painting services and you can click on any of the options above to see the other uPVC painting services that we offer. 

Alternatively, you can pick up the phone and give us a call, we’re always happy to chat.

Expert uPVC Spray Painting Services

Painting uPVC has become a bit a new trend that is sweeping the UK at the moment, it seems that everyone is giving their much loved home a  face lift and painting their uPVC widows and doors just in time for the summer and it’s easy to understand why, well no one wants old dull looking windows and doors.  

Now we all know that replacing  uPVC windows & doors is a huge investment and most home owners don’t just replace their UPVC just because they are dull and dis-colored, well the cost is way to much just for a simple makeover.

That said, times have change and technology has now made it possible to paint or spray uPVC, lets hear it for technology, now there is no longer the need to throw away your existing UPVC Windows & UPVC Doors when a simple respray will have them looking like new in no time and best thing is Painting uPVC is 80% cheaper than Replacing uPVC.

The Process of Painting uPVC 

Painting uPVC offers a variety of colors, the first step in the process is to choose your color, next measure the area that requires the uPVC painting and make sure the area is ready to paint, If the work is been carried out inside,  make sure that all items of furniture are covered as well as the floor,  If the work is been carried out outside clear the surrounding area and ensure that the area must be cleared, protected and clean. 

A Perfect Finish

Using the latest uPVC paint spraying technology gives our finished paintwork a perfectly fine finish every time to ensure existing windows look brand new. We use the best quality uPVC paint sprayers in the industry that gives enhanced protection from weather damage and is resistant to UV light.

UPVC Door Spraying

Our uPVC door spraying service includes a deep cleaning service around the frame door and the door itself to ensure it’s free from dust and debris. We do this for interior and exterior doors so that the result is of a high-quality finish once painted.

Garage Door Spraying

Spraying your uPVC garage door is a simple task that can help to modernise its look to complement the rest of your home décor. One of the most popular colours for garage doors is anthracite grey which is dark grey because it’s modern, stylish and subtle enough to blend in with other colours.

With many paint colours to choose from in gloss or satin, the paint we use at UPVC Renovations is durable and sticks well to surfaces. We don’t use brushes to paint unless it’s necessary so you are left with a smooth finish and not brush marks on the paint work.

The conservatory in your home is valuable as it not increases the value of your home but it also gives you extra space. Overtime, it will start to deteriorate and look old. The uPVC window frames and door of your conservatory can be transformed with a spray paint which doesn’t have to be white. Our professional team of uPVC painters can visit your home to assess the job and ensure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned in preparation of the paint job to be done.

Tired looking or peeling uPVC shop and store fronts are not attractive and can deter customers which of course, is bad for business. Our uPVC spray services can give your shop front a new look that will appear inviting to customers. We ensure the surfaces are clean of dust and grime before painting so it will have the best finish and we will wait until the paint is fully dry before checking that you’re satisfied with the results.

The same applies to commercial uPVC units. Your uPVC unit discolours and dulls overtime so it gives your commercial unit an outdated or old look which doesn’t look good for business. So, to keep your business in line with the everchanging trends and economy, our commercial uPVC spraying services can help to revitalise the outside of your commercial unit to freshen its look and ensure it continues to look professional.

We have a wide range of colours which will match your branding and the paint we use is a special type that bonds well with uPVC to give a top quality and professional finish.

UPVC window, door, garage door, conservatories, shop and store front and commercial uPVC painting and respraying all costs up to 80% less than replacement.  This is why we highly recommend uPVC respray painting to renovate your uPVC structures because it’s cost effective and it gives your building a fresh and brand new look.

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The Benefits of uPVC

Let’s not forget that uPVC was very popular once. It was everywhere. As a material it is actually very safe, and much safer than polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so it has a much better reputation for that reason. Also, one aspect of uPVC that really made it very popular back in the eighties was it’s absolute fire-proof status. This made it one of the most popular materials to use in buildings.

It’s also a rigid material, which meant it wouldn’t change shape at all in the heat of the sun. This again did a lot for its overall popularity. There was always going to be some expanding and contracting with uPVC, but not enough to cause a problem.

So it was clean-looking, safe and affordable. The problem came with time. For a material that was originally installed in the eighties, time has made its mark. Much of the uPVC we see now looks bad and old. 

So can we paint uPVC windows & Doors?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to paint uPVC, and it is becoming very popular too. One Of the main reasons why it is so popular now is that it allows a wide choice of colours as a solution. You’re not limited to just a few, and you’ll even find some colours available that are quite unexpected. You can get the standard, and quite popular, dark brown shades. These are rich and attractive and a complete change from the pure white of the original material.

You also get the choice of other colours. One such colour, Anthracite Grey, is very subtle in its tone, but is one of the most popular colours in repainting uPVC.

There are some considerations you will have to bear in mind if you are going to paint the surface yourself. The first step to make absolutely sure that the uPVC is clean and clear of any material that might affect the finish. Dust and other material has to be cleaned away before you start to paint. This Is absolutely crucial,and if you don’t do this you’ll be looking at a result that is less than satisfactory.

It’s fine to use a good sponge with warm soapy water. Make sure the sponge is brand new, and also ensure that you wash down the full area of uPVC. There could be a multitude of problems on the surface, including mould, dust and algae. So give it a good clean. And afterwards, make sure the surface is completely dry before work begins.

The next stage in the process is the preparation for adhesion. The paint you use will have to adhere to the surface fully. This means sanding the surface down so that a level of abrasion is created. This is one of the most difficult parts of the process to get right. Make sure that when you carry out this part, you only give the surface a light sanding. Sand paper has to be of the highest or lightest grain, so that no damage is done to the surface. It’s also incredibly important that you rub in the direction of the frame. This is a key part of the process,and is one of the reasons why we do recommend that you hire a specialist.

Next, masking tape should be applied to the parts of the frame that you don’t want to paint. This ensures that mistakes are not as catastrophic as they could be. This is perhaps even more important when you are working on uPVC window frames. 

Then you apply primer to the surface. This has to be a specialist primer that you can ask for at paint stockists. Using a primer means that the paint will settle on the surface more effectively. 

Then painting can take place. It’s essential that you use paint that has been formulated for this job. A good stockist will be able to sell it to you, but it’s a good idea for you to be clear on what you are planning to do when you buy it. A conversation with a stockist will ensure you get the best paint.

The paint will have to be tough enough to withstand impact from the sun, as well as being UV resistant. 

Use an uPVC spray painting specialist?

We do recommend this, and there are many professionals in this field so it will be easy to arrange. However, make sure you’ve narrowed down your choices to two or three, and that you have seen testimonials from previous customers. It’s an important job and it needs to be done by people who know exactly what they are doing.

uPVC Painting is possible, and the results can be incredible, so if you have uPVC it is well worth looking into having the work done.B

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You can save up to 75% by Spray Painting. Please fill in your details and one of our friendly representatives will call you soon.