Painting uPVC has become a bit a new trend that is sweeping the UK at the moment, it seems that everyone is giving their much loved home a  face lift and painting their uPVC widows and doors just in time for the summer and it’s easy to understand why, well no one wants old dull looking windows and doors.  

Now we all know that replacing  uPVC windows & doors is a huge investment and most home owners don’t just replace their UPVC just because they are dull and dis-colored, well the cost is way to much just for a simple makeover.

That said, times have change and technology has now made it possible to paint or spray uPVC, lets hear it for technology, now there is no longer the need to throw away your existing UPVC Windows & UPVC Doors when a simple respray will have them looking like new in no time and best thing is Painting uPVC is 80% cheaper than Replacing uPVC.

Painting uPVC The Process

Painting uPVC offers a variety of colors, the first step in the process is to choose your color, next measure the area that requires the uPVC painting and make sure the area is ready to paint, If the work is been carried out inside,  make sure that all items of furniture are covered as well as the floor,  If the work is been carried out outside clear the surrounding area and ensure that the area must be cleared, protected and clean. 

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