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Anyone in retail knows the importance of a good storefront. The first impression is often the only thing that makes people come in off the streets as passing trade. So if your storefront is looking less than immaculate, you may want to think about updating it. There is nothing worse than seeing a tired-looking store. Customers simply won’t enter and walk right on by to the next, better-looking and more inviting shop.

If you’ve got a shop-front that is looking old due to the uPVC on the front, don’t rush to replace it. Instead, do what more and more shop owners are doing, and simply have the uPVC resprayed. That’s right. Respraying is now a sensible and cost-effective option.

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Shop Front uPVC Painting

Shop Store Front uPVC Painting

With your store-front, you need a fresh and inviting look. Our seasoned professionals will prepare the surface by cleaning it and making sure it is ready for a repaint. And they’ll do this with the minimum of disruption to your business.

Then, they’ll spray the front with high quality paint that was created for the purpose of uPVC Painting. It’s truly unique paint, with special properties that make it easier for it to cling to the uPVC, as well as give a superior finish. And it takes hardly any time at all to apply.

Once it’s done, our team will wait until it’s fully dry before checking that you’re happy with the result. This gives your shopfront a new look, and protection for the years ahead.


What You Can Expect

After the surface is washed down, a lot of dust and dirt will be removed, and the specialist uPVC paint that we use will have a much better chance of adhering to the surface. It’s a necessary part of the process.

After the cleaning has taken place, we get to work, and that’s where the fun starts. Take a look at our extensive range of specialist uPVC paints. You’re guaranteed to find a colour that suits your business. A popular colour in recent years has been brown, and it really gives a business a great new look. Ask to see our colours and we think you’ll find something you like immediately. Another colour is our popular grey. That gives a really sophisticated look to any storefront.

Once you have chosen your colour, we then get to work preparing the storefront for a repainting. This doesn’t take long to do, and we make sure that the area is ready for the job quickly and efficiently.

We use only the best materials for the job of repainting uPVC, and this is why we are confident we can give your storefront the finish it deserves.

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