UPVC Window Spraying

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UPVC Window Spraying & Painting Service

Our uPVC Window Spraying Service is allowing more and more home owners and businesses to repaint rather than replace their uPVC windows.
With huge savings compared to replacement, and a beautiful finish, it’s not hard to see why.

Are your uPVC windows looking tired or Faded?

Searching for uPVC Window Spraying Service, more and more homeowners are choosing to have their uPVC windows repainted. Painting uPVC costs significantly less than replacing the windows, and it often brings results that look better than expected. In fact, it can bring a whole new look to the property.


Can You Spray UPVC Windows? YES

With uPVC windows, while they may be as strong as sturdy as they were when first fitted, their looks will suffer over time. The weather causes fading. Peeling can also be an unsightly problem, so you can end up with tired-looking windows that look like they need replacing.

You don’t have to replace them though. Instead, you can simply use our uPVC Window Spraying Service.

What You Can Expect

Our uPVC Window Spraying Service uses the very latest technology, we quickly and efficiently spray your uPVC windows so that they look fresh, as good as new in fact. And we offer a fantastic range of colours, offering more choice than you would have with brand new fittings. The spray technology we use ensures a fine and fresh finish. 

For us, it’s about getting that perfect finish every time. The repainting makes your windows look brand new, and your property will be better for it. When it comes to paint, we use the best in the industry. It’s specially formulated to treat uPVC with gentle care, so that you get the best possible finish, and stronger windows. And the paint is also UV resistant too.