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What is UPVC Painting?

UPVC painting, also known as UPVC Spray Painting, is a specialised technique, perfect for revamping UPVC windows and doors, making them look brand new. This process starts with detailed preparation, where we meticulously cover all non-target areas to prevent any overspray. Using a state-of-the-art spray gun, our skilled painters apply a specially formulated paint specifically designed for UPVC. This ensures a uniform, elegant finish that’s not only visually appealing but built to last.

Unlike traditional painting, UPVC spray painting is a refined skill, requiring professional tools and a deep understanding of the material. Our high-quality paint adheres robustly to UPVC, providing a finish that revitalises your property’s look, often surpassing its original beauty.

Our professionals are highly experienced in this unique painting process. They’re trained to deliver a pristine finish, ensuring every nook and cranny is perfectly covered.

Choosing our service means opting for a cost-effective solution to enhance your property’s curb appeal without the need for full replacements. It’s ideal for elevating the aesthetics of both residential and commercial spaces, guaranteeing a transformative effect with enduring results. You can read more about window painting here.

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What colours are available?

Finding the right colour for your UPVC spray painting project can be a delightful journey, as there are approximately 400 hues to choose from. From every primary colour, we can create a myriad of shades and tones to match your vision. We colour match to the RAL colour chart and also the Farrow and Ball colour chart.

Whether you’re looking for a style update with a satin or gloss finish, the options are nearly endless. Many of our clients opt for dual colour schemes, creating a elegant look that makes front doors more welcoming and windows vibrant.

Anthracite grey is currently a trendsetter, offering a modern, contemporary charm to any property.

At UPVC Renovations, we’re committed to fulfilling your specific colour and style preferences. We’ll work tirelessly to find the perfect match for your UPVC painting needs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Paint uPVC Windows?

The overall price is worked out based upon various factors such as The number, size and type of windows and doors or areas you need spraying. There is also the amount of time required to do physically do the job which includes all the preparation time. It is necessary to prepare the uPVC for painting.

Prep time includes clearing the ground area surrounding the property as well as cleaning, sanding, masking and sheeting of the property. It is probably the most time consuming part of the job. Included in the cost is the square footage of uPVC paint required,  the number of spray painters needed to do the job and ease of access to your property and windows.  

If you your upstairs windows are large or sit quite high we may have to use scaffolding which will add to the cost. Bear in mind if you are thinking of getting a uPVC conservatory  painted, sometimes scaffolding is required.

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What are the benefits of Spray Painting?

UPVC Painting instantly revives your home’s exterior by giving windows, doors, and conservatories a vibrant new look. This modern technique offers a wide range of colours and finishes, transforming the look of your property and making it stand out.

Spraying UPVC windows is significantly less costly than replacing a door or window. 

The specialised paint used in UPVC spray painting creates a robust barrier on the surface. This coating is resistant to various weather conditions, including UV rays, rain and temperature fluctuations.

The coating we use is designed to lost for a minimum of 10 years, which is why we offer a 10 year guaruntee.

The spray paint we use is formulated for rapid drying, typically curing within 24 hours. Our UPVC painting experts ensure minimal disruption and aim to always complete the job without impacting your daily routines.

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Painting UPVC Windows and doors

Painting uPVC windows and doors is a lot quicker than you may think, our uPVC Painting teams can normally have a standard size three bedroom house sprayed in a day or two.

Our uPVC Painting experts use a special type of uPVC Paint that bonds and seals itself to the uPVC framework leaving a perfect, smooth finish in any color you want, our uPVC Painting Teams have years of experience in transforming uPVC Products and best of all our uPVC, Spraying Painting & Restoration Service is guaranteed for a minimum of Ten Years.

uPVC Painting gives the homeowner a huge choice of colors to choose from, which really opens up a whole new area in home decor, that said the service is not just offered to homeowners, oh no ….thanks to this new technology we can now provide Commercial uPVC Panting as well as Shop and Storefront uPVC Panting.

It’s all thanks to new technology that has made painting uPVC possible it has even sort of become a bit of a new trend that is sweeping the UK at the moment. It seems that everyone is giving their much loved home a much needed face lift by painting their uPVC windows and doors just in time for the summer and it’s easy to understand why, well no one wants old dull looking windows and doors.

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