Garage Door Respraying

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Painting your Garage Door

Painting your uPVC garage door is nowhere near as complicated as you might first believe it to be. A lot of the final effect will be down to the level of preparation you have put into the work beforehand.

Over the years, it may have endured a number of bad weather episodes, as well as other instances of damage. The first part of the painting job is to simply clean the door down. Using a sponge and some hot soapy water, get rid of the dirt and dust that may have settled in over the years. Like most paint jobs, the cleaner the surface, the better the finish.

Updating your garage door is then a simple matter of calling us and letting us get on with the job. We have a huge range of colours that you can choose from. Your uPVC garage door can be repainted so that it shows off one of a wide range of colours.  It’s all about you and your own particular choice. Your property deserves to have a fresh new garage door, and the colour should complement the rest of the building.

One of the most popular colours we stock at the moment is dark grey. This is so well-liked simply because the colour truly adds to the look of the modern home. It’s subtle enough to blend in, while staying fresh enough to make the home stand out.

We’ve been repainting doors and windows for years, and we know exactly the required level of care and professionalism to make sure the job is done well. Taking the old and faded white uPVC, we repaint so that our customers have the colour and finish they eat.

This is incredibly durable paint, and it adheres well to surfaces. We use the very best spray paint technology to apply it, and with options in gloss and satin, it’s a brand we trust.

Our Garage Door Spraying Service includes:

When painting a uPVC surface, we don’t use brushes unless it’s absolutely necessary. The brush marks that can present after applying the paint with a brush can be unsightly and have a huge impact on the overall effect of the job. Our technology is cutting edge, and allows us to bring a superb finish every uPVC job we do.

If your garage door is stuck in the white uPVC era, and you want to refresh it without paying the large cost of a replacement, using specialist uPVC paint could be the answer for you.

Before you start to look for a replacement garage door, consider having it repainted. With uPVC garage doors, you simply have more colour options, and more protection against the elements with our professional respray service.

It looks great, and costs significantly less than a replacement door.

Garage Door Respraying Service

Garage doors can look really old and tired, and if you have a uPVC garage door, it can seem like your options are limited.

While it may seem sensible to replace the door with a brand new one, there is a quicker, less costly option.

We respray uPVC garage doors every week, and we’re proud to say we have one of the best teams around.

Using only the best technology and the most experienced of professionals, we can respray your uPVC garage door and make it look brand new.

Our team will assess the job quickly, and then get to work, using only the best and most effective preparation techniques before they respray. Then, they’ll make sure the door is clean and free of any dust or other unwanted elements.

The paint they use is industry-leading, and is specially formulated for uPVC work. This means it not only improves the look of the door, but also enhances it’s life, with specialist chemicals that are specifically created and combined to bring you the best finish.

Then, like the best kind of professionals, they’ll clean and tidy up, leaving you with a stronger, better-looking garage door.


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