Updating our home is now easier than ever before, and with the recent boom in TV shows and online video channels about home design, there’s never been a better time to learn about and implement strong design choices. Colour is a huge part of that, and whether you’re bringing accents with soft furnishings, or painting a feature wall, using colour is an easy way to change your home.

One way to use colour that has become popular in recent years has been to change the colour of your window and door frames. However, it hasn’t been that easy to do this with uPVC materials until very recently. It used to be the case that your PVC would often just be replaced if it looked old and tired, or if the white colour didn’t work for your home. Now, we can all save money, time and disruption by simply painting uPVC. It’s a real and effective option for anyone who needs to colour coordinate their exterior and even the interior of their property (with interior uPVC).

How it’s done

It’s always best to have professional input if you want to go down this road. A good team will come to your home and clean the surface area of uPVC fittings first. This is an absolutely crucial part of the job, because the paint won’t attach as securely as it should otherwise. And that means a less than perfect result.

After cleaning, the professional team will use spray applicators to finish the job. There are now literally hundreds of paint colours available for uPVC, so you’re certain to find the right colour for full coordination.

A new way of updating your home’s colour, uPVC spraying is quick, and much less costly than replacement. And with all those colours, it could well be the solution you’re looking for.

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