Painting an exterior upvc window is something that is becoming more common every day. It’s a fantastic alternative to replacing the window, and actually ends up costing a lot less.

The uPVC craze started back in the 1980s and it was incredibly popular. The material allowed homeowners to have a strong and durable material for their window frames, something that wasn’t wood, with all the durability issues that particular material could bring.

However, over time, homeowners started to see the shine wear off a little. While uPVC doesn’t necessarily break, the strain of adverse weather, and even simple heat inside the home, has meant that much of the uPVC in homes has become faded or even cracked. This is obviously disappointing, but the good news is that painting an exterior upvc window is now possible, and the result can be pretty spectacular.

That’s right, Painting an exterior uPVC Window is a real possibility. And it’s becoming a common solution to faded or damaged uPVC. It’s not something we would recommend you do yourself, because it does require the right tools and a professional level of skill to get the right finish. You can, however, help to make the process easier by preparing your uPVC windows for painting. It’s quite simple, and it shouldn’t take too long to do.

How it’s done

It’s important to remember that uPVC has to be clean and dry before any attempt is made to paint it. Once that is done, special paint that bonds well with the substrate of PVC is applied. It usually becomes dry quite quickly.

Professionals Painting an exterior uPVC Window will use special paint spraying machines to get an even and clean finish. The plastic in uPVC will not ‘take’ well with paint that isn’t of the highest quality and applied correctly. It’s important to remember that normal paint will not bond with uPVC, and because uPVC is prone to thermal expansion, the paint has to be capable of managing movement.


Unless you are very confident in your skills in this area, it’s worth considering the services of a specialist company or professional. While the job is not particularly difficult to do (with the right equipment and paint), it is possible to make mistakes in the preparation stage, and the best professional tools will always give you a good finish painting an exterior uPVC Window you paint.

You can talk to uPVC Renovations experts about your needs, and we can surely work out the best possible option for you.

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