For many people, having a conservatory is a big step. Living in a home for a period of time often makes homeowners think about expanding it, and the conservatory option is a popular one. However, it still requires substantial investment.

Once a conservatory is in place, it’s time to enjoy it. After a period of time though, like any part of the home, it may require updating. There are still some houses from the 1980s, for example, that have conservatories that need to be brought into the 21st century.One of the biggest problems in this area is the uPVC aspect.

There is nothing wrong with uPVC, and in the 1980s it was one of the most popular materials used for creating conservatories with. It is a strong and reliable material too. But all materials will fade and wear with time, and uPVC is no exception. And with conservatories, it is often the case that old uPVC is now looking tired, faded and, in some cases, cracked.

The transformation

Having uPVC replaced is of course an option. But some homeowners do choose another option. Having the uPVC in an established conservatory repainted really makes a huge difference. And most homeowners who take this option find that the wide range of colours helps to bring their tired conservatory up to date.

It’s a quick process as well. We recommend professional application, simply because it can be a process that is challenging, especially when you are looking for the perfect finish. The professionals will ensure the uPVC surface is clean and dry, and they’ll spray a special uPVC paint that bonds with the surface, and also allows it to look it’s best. The whole process should not take more than a day.

If you’re currently the owner of a tired conservatory, and uPVC is fitted, consider getting it repainted. You may find that this alone is more than enough to transform it.

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